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I ❤️ training dogs, have been doing it since I was a young boy. I would 💗 to train your fur babies too. If you rescue a dog from any place, you receive a 10% discount for the entire training


Now what, my human?

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I treat and train dogs with patience, gentle firmness praise, correction and treats. I have used the finest CBD Oil for my furbabies with great results and have suggested CBD Oil for many of my dog studentss with outstanding results!

I’m a pitty, not a fishy!

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Miss you Halo!

I am never too busy to talk to you on the phone about your furbaby.

Note – Vaccinations DPP (Distemper, Parvo & Parainfluenza) & Rabies vaccinations are required for any dog over 4 months old. Proof must be provided before we (your dog and I meet), this is a precaution I must take so as not to endanger your dog or any pet.


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This is my passion

I believe training begins at home, so I come to your house (for no extra charge) and begin training your dog(s) like I do my own

After analyzing your dog’s behavior, I will set up a training program where you, your dog, and I work as a team to get your dog situated as a happy member of the family. I train all breeds and puppies to senior citizen dogs. Using firm but positive reinforcement techniques your fur baby will learn positive consequences come from positive behaviors.

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My own business always bores me to death; I prefer other people’s.

Oscar Wilde

Don’t pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.

Andy Warhol


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